It's all in the name..

NORDIC: adjective relating to or denoting Scandinavia, Finland, and Iceland.

NAUTICAL: adjective of or concerning navigation, sailors, or the sea; maritime.

Put them together and you have NØRDICAL.

First thing that pops into my head when asked about the Nordic countries.. I instantly imagine a dark, moody fishing hut that shows the character and history of decades been and gone. Cold, bleak and uninviting from the outside but once inside, warmth, coziness and the smell of drying fish coupled with the smell of tobacco. Not to mention the fisherman himself who is sure to have some tales. The expression lines on his face and missing teeth would be a story in their own right.

I often get asked why would I begin a lifestyle and swimwear brand that is centred around the Nordic, "it's so cold and not exactly a beach holiday location?"

Although at times the Nordic can be harsh and unforgiving with its extreme weather, it's the people who show it's warmth and culture. They have a way of living which is clean, fresh, stylish and most of all, advanced in everything they do. 

Most lifestyle and surf brands push the sunny beaches and the resort style locations, but it's all a bit repetitive if you ask me. With NØRDICAL we wanted something with a bit of grit and character. Something the market hasn't seen before. Life isn't always colourful with holidays and beaches. It can be dark, broody and at times ominous but that is where true character is developed! 

Photo by Tom Kondrat on flickr

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